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Short Sale Information

Are you looking for short sale information?  Look no further. Below are a few Short Sale articles to help Short Sale sellers and Short Sale home buyers to better understand what to expect when dealing with a Sacramento Short Sale in today’s real estate market.   As a Short Sale agent working with Short Sale sellers and home buyers buying Short Sales it helps to understand the Short Sale process so I hope you find these articles helpful.

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Short Sale Articles:

Another Sacramento Short Sale Accepted

This article explains the way I work as a Short Sale agent to help both the Short Sale seller and the Short Sale home buyer keep informed during the process of the Short Sale.  Updates to all are important in order to keep everyone interested and working toward the same goal…sell the house, close on the house and move into the house.

What Does Mortgage Debt Relief Mean to Short Sale Sellers?

An article to help explain the new tax forgiveness approved last April, SB 401.  This helps the previous homeowners who were foreclosed, took a Deed in Lieu and Short Sale sellers who were owner-occupied.  Unfortunately, it does not include those who refinanced their home loans.

Sacramento Realtors Aim For Same Goal

Here as a Short Sale agent I write about a typical Short Sale and give you a sample of what a bank asked for and the professionals that helped make this a successful Short Sale for both the home buyer and the home seller.  A real life Short Sale and one that was a Bank of America Short Sale.

Sacramento Short Sale Update

SB 1178 was to protect a borrower on a refinanced purchase money second mortgage but failed and was vetoed by the Governor.  No relief here for the Short Sale seller.  Keep the faith since SB 931 may be signed and approved to help.

Hardship Letters

Examples of hardship letters for Sacramento Short Sale sellers…you need to revise them for your special circumstance.  You can use these letters and make them fit your hardship and circumstance since all the banks require a hardship letter from the seller.

And The Beat Goes On With Bank of America Short Sale

Another scenario working with B of A to get a Short Sale accepted and some of the idiosyncrasies involved in working with Bank of America.

Yes, B of A The Short Sale Seller Died

A shocking story where the bank for this deceased Short Sale seller called to ask how the short sale was coming along.  The right hand at Bank of America has no idea what the left hand of B of A is doing.  It’s no wonder it takes banks so long to approve a Short Sale, look how long it took them to realize the seller was deceased.

Need A Short Sale?

A helpful article giving examples of hardship letters and what documents are needed when you need to do a Short Sale and hire a Short Sale agent.  The documents you need to gather to give your short sale agent so they can help you with a successful short sale acceptance from your bank(s).

Many Sellers Experience A Nightmare During The Short Sale Process

Not all Short Sale sellers have access to computers or know how to use them but some banks don’t care and this is an article about one of those very banks.  Bank of America requires the seller to log-in after obtaining a password to fill out their financial form.  What B of A doesn’t understand is that not all sellers have a computer or understand how to operate one much less have email.

Sacramento Getting Some GREAT Real Estate News

This article talks about SB 1178 and SB 931 to help Short Sale sellers.  Find out how Senate bills may work for your benefit.  There is financial relief for many homeowners.  This relates to deficiency judgments against homeowners who sold their homes in a distressed sale, known as a Short Sale.  The bank has had the right to go after the homeowner if they refinanced their original purchase loan.  Now, they don’t…read more

Bank of America: Hire American!

True life experience where Bank of America has India answering questions about Deed-in-Lieu questions and deciding on whether or not a homeowner qualifies for Deed-in-Lieu.  I witnessed this first hand and was shocked that this has been outsourced by B o f A to India.

Short Sale Nightmare For Home Buyer

True story about a Short Sale home buyer and the process of buying a Short Sale home for sale.  Not all Short Sales are nightmares but this one sure was.  Be prepared for the worst so you can appreciate it when a short sale runs smoothly.

Good The Bad and The Ugly of Short Sales

Another true story about a Short Sale seller who took fixtures and what a home buyer legally can do about it.  Make sure you know your rights as a home buyer buying a short sale where the owner stripped the house of what should have remained.

Are You Having Trouble Paying Your House Payment?

Information about the HAFA program and loan modifications for the distressed homeowner.  Here is some help for Short Sale sellers with information that will give you a better understanding of what is available to help you when you can’t pay your mortgage payment.

Sacramento Home Sellers – Short Sale Truth

A little insight into Short Sales and what banks are doing as of the date of the article.  Short Sales are ever changing so it’s always best to call and see what the latest is with the banks and what they accept and don’t accept.  Learn about promissory notes and the banks that ask the seller to sign a note or bring money to the table before they approve the short sale.

California Takes A Bite Out of Short Sale Sellers

Sacramento Short Sale agent gives the best advice to all those having trouble paying their house payment.  Make 2 phone calls…

Short Sales Are the Wild Wild West

The in’s and out’s of Short Sale, how to know if a house has an offer, what Realtors do with a Short Sale and more.  Not all short sales are the same and not all agents handle offers for short sales the same.  Learn about the differences so you know what to expect.

Short Sale Agent in Sacramento Speaks Out

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sacramento Short Sales and more.  It’s important to know the good, the bad and the ugly of short sales.

Short Sales Are Slow but NOT Rocket Science

The steps involved in a Short Sale and how the Realtor needs to list the Short Sale as “Cont” when an offer has been accepted.

Is Your Home a Short Sale Home For Sale?

Why you want to leave your home in good condition when you leave…it’s not the home buyers fault that you have lost your home.  It’s important to know that banks and buyers have the right to take you to court for any damage that you do or items you take from a home that has been sold.

Sacramento Short Sales are the New REO’s

Way back in 2009 I predicted we would see a lot more Short Sales than foreclosed homes for sale and my crystal ball was correct. With all the issues now with MERS and Lender Processing Services, we will see even more Short Sales in the future over foreclosures.

Can’t Pay Your House Payment?

Answers about what a Short Sale is, what it will mean to the distressed homeowner, what foreclosure is and loan modifications.  Learn about Deed-in-Lieu of foreclosure and all the available programs that you might want to consider.

B of A Short Sale – Buyers Need Epidural

How difficult it is for many Sacramento home buyers trying to buy a Short Sale and get accepted on their offer.  A Short Sale is not easy for home buyers either.  It’s a long process with little to no assurance that the home you fell in love with will be yours.  It’s important to try and stay neutral until the bank accepts the Short Sale.

Elk Grove CA Short Sale Homes for Sale

Elk Grove Short Sale homes for sale along with market statistics for distressed homeowners. This gives you an idea of how many distressed homeowners there are.

What Does Short Sale Mean?

Everything to know about a Short Sale and what to avoid since the predators seem to come out of the wood work once they get their information from public records that you are in default of your mortgage loan.

Sacramento Short Sale articles brought to you by Sacramento Short Sale agent with Certified Distressed Property Expert certification.

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