Mardi Gras Carnival of Real Estate in Sacramento

Sacramento Carnival of Real Estate

Welcome to the February 16th 2009 edition of the Carnival of Real Estate.

 Sacramento Real Estate Voice has the honor of hosting and serving as Queen of the Carnival of Real Estate (CORE) #129 where bloggers from around the world submit their best entry for consideration.

This year’s #129 Carnival is the

Sacramento Carnival de Mardi Gras

where on Bourbon Street, Awards will be given for:

  • Best in General Real Estate
  • Best in Investment Real Estate
  • Best in Real Estate Market
  • Best in Real Estate Professionals

and a new category… I added

  • Best Real Estate Impression

The Mardi Gras floats of Real Estate winners are about to be revealed.

Let the band lead the way down the French Quarter on Bourbon Street and St. Charles Ave, with beads thrown from the winning article floats.

“Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

There were 30 entries and the BEST of the BEST will now come down the Sacramento Real Estate Voice Lane and entertain you with their knowledge, their wit and insight.

See how many beads you catch with each passing entry… 


Winner of the Real Estate Market Float

President Obama’s Mortgage Czar, Roberta Murphy of Luxury Home Digest  wrote a sensational article (if only we could)…  All Mortgages Are Now Assumable

Do you have Obama’s ear, Roberta?

Roberta is a Real Estate Broker with the Murphy Group located in San Diego, CA. 

Winners of the Real Estate Investing Float

Due to 2 articles being of quality and insight, it is the opinion of the host, to call a tie for:

Your IRA and 401K Can Buy a House! Five Ways to Become a Landlord on Someone Else’s Money which can be read at Lifestyle Denver by Gretchen Faber.

Gretchen is a Broker Manager with Ketwood Company in Cherry Creek.

Investors may not know about this alternate way of financing investment property and Gretchen does a great job of explaining some alternatives.


The Downward Spiral of Financial Death at Minnesota Investment Real Estate by Scott Ficek who is an agent with Re/Max Advantage Plus and owns 28 units in 15 buildings, including duplexes and 4–plexes townhouses and single family houses throughout Minneapolis.

Be sure to read Scott’s article and find out why you don’t want to just let your property go when the value goes down. It turns out to be a BIG deal!

Winner of the Real Estate Professional Float

A collaborative work of 9 bloggers, A Look Inside the Mind of a Real Estate Blogger – Is This You? at the Real Estate Tomato  won me over with the way blogging has broadened these Real Estate agents and opened up a world of possibilities. The collaborators are:

Daniel Bates –

Geordie Romer –

Judy Peterson –

Bruce Lemieux –

Lenore Wilkas –

Fran O’Neal –

Rod Herman –

Ryan Rockwood –

Mark Madsen –

Together they make quite a team with Jim Cronin’s help! Separately, they will go far within their communities…

Winner of the Real Estate General Category Float

Dan Melson of Searchlight Crusade

has the winning article, Investment Property and Loan Originations.

I believe Dan is a Realtor and Loan Officer at Clarion Mortgage in San Diego 

Although I would have enjoyed some photos and more breaks in the verbiage, Dan gives some good advice on stated income loans, portfolio loans, leveraging, FHA and VA loans plus more.

Jammed packed and full of info. 

Best Impression Blog Float Winner

While reading 30 entries with 9 additional supportive blogs, I must say that I was most impressed and had to add an additional category for our Mardi Gras float winners…

Home Section – by Rod and Jamie Herman of Benicia, CA is an Impressive Blog. Every aspect for the reader is covered and they do an exceptional job of providing quality information to home buyers, sellers and those relocating to the Solano and Contra Costa areas. The design of your blog is exceptional. Kudos to you, both!

I want to thank all who submitted their articles.

Now, we’ve come to the end of the Sacramento Mardi Gras Carnival of Real Estate. Hope everyone has enjoyed the fun and the excitement of finding new bloggers in the blogosphere.

It was my pleasure to host #129 Sacramento Carnival of Real Estate for February 16th, 2009.

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