Sacramento Helps Our Neighbors

Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, and Auburn have sent fire trucks and teams to help our Southern California neighbors with the horrendous fires they are enduring.

The National Guard sent 1,500 today with another 1500 soon to be sent from the Sacramento area.

Police teams have also been sent to help relieve and keep Real Estate in check and looters away. Some of our finest will be assisting other departments with all emergency and relief help.

Rancho Cordova is where the emergency command center is and they are organizing teams of emergency help to Southern California.

With over ONE MILLION of our California neighbors forced to evacuate their home and 1500 homes lost, many have gone to friends, family and to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego to seek refuge.

The Reverse 911 call has been instrumental during the evacuation process in Southern California during this hectic time of determining who to evacuate and when.

I wrote an article just last week on this very topic. It is so important that each of you take the time to register your cell phone numbers with Reverse 911.

You never know when an emergency will show its ugly head whether its an earthquake, a flood, fire, break-in with guns, child missing you name it, it can happen.

Lets be prepared and be informed. Sacramento register your cell phone number with Reverse 911, today! Go back and click to register, youll thank me later.

And thank you to the Fire Departments, the teams and the families of those who left to help our Southern California neighbors as well as the National Guard and Police.

Just a little tip that I picked up while talking to some of my friends down in Southern California that are enduring the fire and the ashes Besides hotel rooms filling up, masks are in limited supply and some places have run out good remedy is to hold a coffee filter over your nose and mouth. I've been told that the cone filters work the best, fitting nicely over the nose.

This tip came from Roberta Murphy at San Diego Previews. On Thursday, October 25th, KCRA in Sacramento is teaming up with the Red Cross for a fundraiser to help the victims of the Southern California fires who do not have any insurance. The fundraiser will start on KCRA news from 5:30 am until 11:30 pm

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