Sacramento Realtor Follows Up With Eagle Shield

Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau brought results from Eagle Shield. The CEO and supervisor contacted me within 24 hours of filling a formal complaint.  They responded but not eager to make any significant differences, only to offer more ways I can spend money with them.

Eagle Shield sent their specialist to my home and she may have found one of the culprits as to why my SMUD bill has been going higher that ever before.

This is worth reading just in case you’e thermostat is set incorrectly and costing you needless money.

Last week, Dee Dee  who is Eagle Shield’s Energy Consultant arrived at my home after several complaints from me about how the Eagle Shield product installed in my attic was not working since my SMUD bills were climbing higher than ever before.

Dee Dee performed a 15 point check, with an infrared instument in each room, door and window and found that the score for my home was very high.  The next step was to check to see if the installation was done properly in the attic.

Once, in the attic Dee Dee noticed a fan running and it wasn’t my attic fans. When she returned downstairs Dee Dee showed me the thermostat was all the way over on the  “on” position which meant that the fan was running 24/7. This could be the culprit and the reason for the high SMUD bills I have been receiving.

I had an A/C company service my air conditioner, the controls were changed to “ON.” Your A/C needs to be kept on “Auto” rather than “On.”  I am hopeful that this was the problem and the August SMUD bill will reflect the change.

Eagle Shield Update: After several years now of having lived with the results of Eagle Shield in my attic,  I can honestly say that for the money paid, the installation does not appear to be worth the expense.

I think homeowners  can get the same results by simply having additional insulation installed in the attic.  Is there a difference? Yes, I would say that there is a more even distribution of heat and cold air throughout the house.  Do I notice a huge difference in my energy bill?  No, I really can’t say that I do, at least not a significant difference which one would expect after paying a pretty high price for Eagle Shield.  Check alternative solutions before spending this much money for a product that really doesn’t offer much when it comes to savings.

Make sure you check your thermostat for the “auto” position.

I am hopeful this will make a difference in my SMUD bill next month and I’ll let you know. I really believed in Eagle Shield’s reflective insulation and hopefully it will prove to have been worth the cost.

Eagle Shield is a young company with a patent on this Nasa product, reflective  insulation to help insulate homes and reduce energy costs.  They have been very apologetic regarding their lack of customer service and I am told, will improve in that regard.  Hopefully, they won’t have too many customers like me that say their product doesn’t work when in fact they have the fan on the thermostat running all the time.

I will let you know what my bill looks like next month since this month it continued even higher…hopefully Dee Dee solved the problem. I sincerely hope the Eagle Shield product works and it was simply my thermostat switch that caused the outrageous bills I received.

Update: **Other  alternatives that are cheaper in my  opinion should be tried before spending the money on this product.

Remember, SMUD rates are going up in September so you need to think of ways to reduce your energy use. Here are just a few tips on how to reduce your SMUD bill:

  • Clean the coils under your refrigerator
  • Turn your thermostat up 2 degrees & it will save 24 kilowatt hrs/month
  • Program thermostat when you are not in the house to come on when you return
  • Make sure thermostat is on “AUTO” and NOT “On”
  • Lower hot water thermostat 10 degrees but no lower than 120 degrees
  • Weather strip doors
  • Exchange light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Turn off computers at night
  • Seal off any cracks or holes around windows and exterior walls
  • For those on raised foundations, be sure to have insulation behind switch plates
  • Plant trees to give your house shade in the summer months
  • Add more insulation in attic
  • Put in Dual Pane Windows

Check out what SMUD says the home of the future should have.

“SMUD’s Home of the Future is expected to export about 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year and reduce electric and gas use by more than 80 percent. Its energy-saving features include:

  • Resource efficient framing with blown-in cellulose insulation and two layers of Icynene foam insulation on the outside of the wall;
  • Spectrally selective glass windows with specially coated glazing to reduce radiant heat gain and loss;
  • A 3.85 kilowatt solar energy system with battery back-up;
  • Solar-assisted hot water and space heating with an advanced boiler;
  • State-of-the-art water cooled evaporative air conditioning;
  • Fluorescent and advanced LED fixtures that last 10 times longer and use 75 percent less energy than standard lighting;
  • Water-efficient landscaping and irrigation system with on-site weather station for optimum water management;
  • Patios enclosed by recycled glass; and
  • Low VOC paints, cabinets and flooring for better indoor air quality.”

Then, take a SMUD test of your home and see what your current estimated cost is on your bill. Or take a look at other ways to reduce and save energy from SMUD

These are just a few suggestions to help since all of us will be paying a lot more on our SMUD bills and in these lean times we need to find as many ways as possible to reduce costs.

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