Snowball Mansion Sells… Ghosts and All

Last week, I had the pleasure of turning over the keys to the new homeowner in Knights Landing at the Snowball Mansion.  Yes, the Snowball Mansion sells!

Yes, Snowball Mansion is reported to be HAUNTED.

Be sure to check back here on Friday, and watch the short video and meet the new owner of the Snowball Mansion.

I’ll let you know on Friday if the home buyer saw any ghosts on his first night at the Snowball Mansion…stay tuned.

More Than Just Haunted, Scams

There were a lot of issues to this bank owned property that needed to be resolved before the home buyer could close last week.

There was a strawbuyer (little did I know when I wrote about Fraud and Strawbuyers back in 2006, I would represent a home buyer who would later purchase a property that was part of a previous scam) and southern CA based real estate and escrow agency,  Silvernet Properties and Bellasi Escrow who now face 40 years in Federal prison.

It didn’t end there, the bank foreclosed on a Deed that had the wrong description.  Read about this money laundering, fraud and scam by the Department of Justice and what led up to the house stealing scam at Consumer Affairs.

But, finally we closed last Friday and the home buyer who happens to be an Englishman received his keys and I unlocked the gate.

Close up Snowball Mansion

The Snowball Mansion has quite a history behind it.  Located just on a slight rise above a curve of the Sacramento River, is a gleaming white brick mansion with graceful columns and porches.

It needs a lot of work since the Snowball Mansion has been abandoned for so long but this Englishman buyer plans on bringing it back to statehood.

An Englishman named John Wells Snowball had the Snowball Mansion built in 1877 for his beloved wife, Lucy Ann Knight. It’s only befitting that another Englishman owns the Snowball Mansion, don’t you think?

Lucy was the daughter of William Knight, the founder of Knights Landing which is the oldest town in Yolo County.

It is said that John Wells Snowball commissioned the same architect, Seth Babson who designed the Crocker Museum in Sacramento for the Snowball Mansion since he was a noted Victorian and Italianate style architect.  This is why you will see a lot of similarity in both buildings.

Although John Wells Snowball was from England, he arrived in Folsom and lived on the American River where he successfully mined for gold in 1853 and when he moved to Knights Landing he established its first store and served as Supervisor from 1853 till 1855.

Snowball Mansion Sitting RoomJohn Wells Snowball served as Associate Justice of the Court of Sessions and was a stock raiser and land investor who died on February 5, 1906.

It is said that Judge Snowball held court under the huge sycamore tree that majestically still stands in front of the Snowball Mansion.

Yes, there is documentation on the Internet that the Snowball Mansion is haunted. Lucy Snowball lost a child here at the Snowball Mansion and those that have stayed at the mansion have heard windows rattle, and some have seen Lucy Snowball traveling through the wall on her way to the nursery. I’ve been told that a cold chill comes about those who speak of the Snowballs when sitting in one of the sitting rooms.

The true test will be what the new homeowner and his family will witness in the mansion…the ghostly sounds and aberrations.  I must say, it is my first haunted house and what a thrill it has been!  Not your  typical real estate …

If you are interested in reading about other Sacramento Haunted Hot Spots be sure to check out a compilation by Dennis William Hauck which includes Antelope, Roseville, La Riviera Drive, the Pocket, Downtown Sacramento, East Sacramento and many more.

Here are a few more photos of the 7,800 square foot Snowball Mansion below.  I have an invitation to return at Christmas to see how the new homeowner has brought this Haunted Mansion back to life.

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